• EXPERTISE - benefit from our 25+ years of experience to optimize your customer support - get it done right!

    • COST-EFFECTIVE SERVICES - no facilities, equipment, or employee overhead loads.

    • FLEXIBILITY - no long-term obligations, no layoffs, no employee problems.

    • QUICK RESPONSE - fast-track projects are our specialty

    • IMPROVED COMPANY IMAGE - top quality customer support, documentation, and training - to highest industry standards

    • TIME SAVING - allow your personnel to focus their expertise on new projects - on what thy're hired to do best.

    • OVERLOAD SUPPORT - extra help during rushes, start-up cycles, and staff cutbacks.

    • SPECIALIZED SKILLS - the right people with the right skills for your special project.

    • LONG-TERM BENEFITS - quality, , lasting customer satisfaction, documentation, and training materials - lasting cost benefits.

    • SUPERIOR SUPPORT FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS - as a powerful selling and customer retention advantage - provides great referrals!

    • MORE EFFICIENT MANUFACTURING - effective, detailed, easily understood procedures allow use of LOWER COST WORKERS.

    • IMPROVED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - they will feel well trained and well supported

    • REDUCED SUPPORT WORKLOAD - good customer support procedures, documentation, and training frees your staff for new projects. Frees YOU to do WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!

    • GUARANTEED REGULATORY AGENCY COMPLIANCE - complete assurance that your product information will meet the stringent requirements of regulatory agencies without delaying product development

  • We create an excellent total user information experience.
  • We do it for less.
  • We treat you right.
  • We Guarantee it!

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A Plus Services

Serving California Businesses since 1978

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